Monday, March 22, 2010

New Resources To Check Out!

While you seniors are intersessioning, you might want to check out the three new lectures that WHEP has created this year - Gender Differences In Cardiac Disease: Gender Differences in Pain; Gender Differences in Substance Abuse. They are IFM Year II Lectures that you can view on Might be useful material for you heading forward.
Gender Differences: Cardiac 
Gender Differences: Pain

Gender Difference: Substance Abuse:

Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy MATCH!!!

Congratulation WH Pathwayers (Maire, Edwina, Tikki, Orion, Caroline, Kristin, Neha, Nancy, Erin, Kelly and Jennifer) and Honorary Pathwayers (Chelsea, Luke) for your accomplishments today!! Missing in celebratory action from being captured on-camera - Orion, Kristin and Luke.
I wasn't fast enough on the shutter for Kristin and Luke. Orion (sporting his new look) we missed you upstairs! Congrats to all.
We are planning a post Match celebration during intersession. Stay tuned for details!

The slide show is suppose to link to more pictures - if it doesn't, check out the group I created for you Women's Health Pathway DUCOM Class of 2011 (oops typo!) at
Women's Health Pathway DUCOM