Thursday, April 8, 2010

April - Women with Disabilities Awareness Month

Within sex and gender health disparities, there can be another layer preventing optimal health outcomes - disabled status. Many of your patients will have disabilities (even if they aren't visually apparent.) Be aware of bias - women living with disabilities often work; want excellent health care; are interested in sexual health; (based upon their age) are interested in family planning options; lead productive and happy lives and live with their limitations but aren't defined by them. Here's some stats and from our Canadian friends here's some more. Dr. Lisa Iezzoni has a video (long but useful video presentation) and information about barriers for women including tips on communication resources. Also, some powerpoints here and for women of color with disabilities.
Here's a cool resource on color limitation and disabilities. Here's information from the CDC, other resources about abuse awareness, also a general listing of topics for women with disabilities and here. This CDC resource gives guidelines and criteria to assess accessibility. Lastly, a Latino youth with disabilities resource.

Stay tuned for the answer to the poll!


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