Friday, July 2, 2010

Women's Health Pathway versus Women's Health Scholars and the Seminar Series

Happy Summer - such that it is, being in medical training! Let me clarify two different experiences house here at the Women's Health Education Program - the Pathway and the Scholars experience. The Pathway is open to rising third years/seniors and is an opportunity to spend focused time with us; do student-driven projects and become expert at sex and gender health issues within their specialties (and get aid/advice/support while getting wonderful residencies.) Pathway alumni include more than 70 women and men physicians - in fields such as Internal Medicine; Family Medicine; Ob/Gyn; Peds; Med/Peds; Neurology; Surgery (including Ortho and Urology); Radiology; Anesthesia; and Psychiatry. Our only requirement is the Ambulatory rotation (more on that later) We have eight awesome pathway students and anticipate a terrific year! Our first group meeting is July 20th. After we finish, let me know if you'd like to hang out - my house or elsewhere. I'm not posting any Pathwayer pictures (yet) since all  we have are you entering mug shots - so we'll get better ones on the 20th!

The Women's Health Scholars is an opportunity for all students. The eligibility to become a Scholars is 1)attendance at the majority of the Seminar Series (WHSS) sessions in year 1 and 2; 2) a community involvement activity and 3) a vetted scholarly project that must be completed (optimally in the third year) but no later than early fourth year - so that your Scholars designation can appear in the graduation program. Detailed requirements are here.

The Seminar series commences Sept 14th - but this year, we have a preview of 'Cool Stuff We Did At WHEP' from our summer and research students. Stay tuned for the date!

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