Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Resources for Reproductive Options Counseling

Here's an example of nuchal translucency on ultrasound
So here's some very useful links (or how to be ready to respond to 'Dr. Google'):
Genetics and Testing:
A very accessible article about preconceptual health issues A primer for those in (or interested in) primary care and genetics testing - Case examples include Tim (the father) who get's diagnosed with familial polyposis and you are asked what should you do with his son Jay...
A searchable genetic reference site
The Online Mendelian in Man (I think it's fine for Woman too!) site - here's the info at a glance about Down Syndrome
This one page fact sheet from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine succinctly puts together a lot of data and has a Reproductive facts webpage  in additional to useful patient education materials
An extensive listing of other web resources
Here's the CDC site Genomics weekly update

For those of you interested in Obstetrics - Drexel is underway to join the current listing of residency programs with a Family Planning Fellowship. Here's the national listing. If you are interested,  email Dr. Montgomery (Chair of Ob/Gyn) or Dr. Woodland (Residency Director) More info on reproductive options is available at ACOG

A May 2010 report discusses the new field of onco-fertility, an area focused on maintaining reproductive options in cancer patients.

Here's a useful description about fertility risks for men and women
Here's a link to questions you ask of women or men with multiple sclerosis who are considering starting a family


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