Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resources from Sex and Gender Health Disparities IM Grand Rounds Jan 5, 2011

Thanks for joining me at Grand Rounds. As promised here's the resource listing I mentioned. I've listed the 'what can I use right now?" up front, right after tips to optimize your online blog experience. I included a listing of other resources on health disparities, sex and gender and literacy as well.  Ana Nùñez, MD Associate Professor of Medicine

PART I   Online Information from The Women's Health Education Program and the Philadelphia UJIMA Team
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  Interested in contributing?   Let us know! Don't be intimidated, the skills you need are  being able to create a Word document and to attach hyperlinks. If you are interested in more than that, we can help you. Call or email us!

·      Women’s Health Info Online Resources  (you are here now!) – Target audience: trainees and clinicians. It is available at
·      Consumer Health Online Info Target audience: patients and lay public. It is available at (or from left side bar on this page)
·      Philadelphia Ujima website – This is the location of Ujima Collaborative Project and has numerous open access resources, materials and information. It is available at 
·     Cross Cultural Effectiveness: The Gender Lens – Target audience: faculty; educator and other interested. The site is located here


STAY TUNED!! COMING IN FEBRUARY – New free online videos for motivational interviewing from Ileana Pina, MD at Case Western Reserve as part of the Heart Truth NHBLI Initiative
·      Not mentioned, but other local resources is our School of Public Health – additionally training will impart health services and community engagement tools into your skillset if you are interested in HSR as a way to making your impact on health care.
PART III   SELECTED RESOURCE LISTING  – For Health Disparities; Sex and Gender; and Health Services Research
Scope of Health Disparities in the US.
Schoen, C., Doty, M.,Collins, S., and Holmgren. Insured But Not Protected: How Many Adults Are Underinsured? A. Health Affairs Web Exclusive, June 14, 2005 W5-289W5-302
Krisberg, K. Millions of Americans Suffer From Low Health Literacy. Nations Health. American Public Health Association. 2004;34(6) 
Blacksher, E. Healthcare disparities: the salience of social class. Camb Q Healthc Ethics. 2008 Spring;17(2):143-53.
Lurie N. Health Disparities — Less Talk, More Action. N Engl J Med 2005; 353:727- 729
Heart Health and Women

Gender and Ethnic Issues in Heart Health – video and resources here
Sociocultural Determinants of Health and Healthy People 2020
Women’s Health Research
Women’s Health Report Card by State available at here
Institute of Medicine (2010) Future Directions for the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports. National Academy Press, Washington DC.
Health Services Research
Institute of Medicine (1995).  Health Services Research: Training and Workforce Issues (Eds. Field MJ, Tranquada RE, Feasley JC). National Academy Press, Washington DC.
Lohr KN, Steinwachs D.  Health services research: an evolving definition of the field.  Health Serv Res 2002;37(1):7-9.
UC Berkeley School of Public Health Strategic Plan 2003-2007
Community Participatory Research
            Kemmis S, McTaggart R. 2000. Participatory action research. In: Handbook of Qualitative   
            Research (Denzin NK, Lincoln YS, eds). Thousand Oaks, CA:Sage, 567–605.
Heron J, Reason P. 2001. The practice of cooperative inquiry: research “with” rather than “on” people. In: Handbook of Action Research: Participative Inquiry and Practice (Reason P, Bradbury H, eds). Thousand Oaks, CA:Sage, 179–188.
Gender Informed Health and Analyses
Health Canada. Health Canada’s Gender-based analysis policy. Ottawa:Minister of Public Works, 2000
Integrating Gender Perspectives in the work of WHO, WHO Gender Policy, 2002 
Gender Analysis Toolkit from Gender Evaluation Methodology for Internet and ICTs available here
Wagner Chronic Disease Model
Wagner EH. Chronic disease management: What will it take to improve care for chronic illness? Effective Clinical Practice. 1998;1(1):2-4.]
Health Literacy
Institute of Medicine (2010) Safe Use Initiative and Health Literacy: A Workshop. National Academy Press. Washington, DC.
National Literacy Survey. 1993
National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) from the IES NAational Center for Education Statistics of the US Dept of Education Institute for Education Sciences 2003 located here
Rothman, RL, Housam, R, Weiss, H, Davis, D, Gregory, R, Gebretsadik, T, Shintani, A, Elasy, TA. Patient understanding of food labels: the role of literacy and numeracy. Am J Prev Med, 31(5), 391-8, 2006.


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