Monday, August 19, 2013

Being on the Frontier of Sex and Gender Medicine



            Hi, all!

            As promised, here is the link to the prezi to slowly review!

            In the prezi,you will notice that the:
                   *videos are longer than you saw (a bit)
                   *specialties shown are physicians within our
                           system (so you are visually 'premeeting them'). Join us at 
                           Seminar series to meet some of them in person!
                           Sept 17th is the first session.
                  *the answer to the (elbows) question is at the very end.

             Notice that the objectives are linked to the prezi. In IFM, for this
             session only you won't have any questions on the material. Not until
             next time! But I wanted to have you get used to the format. Let me
             know your thoughts on Prezi vs Powerpoint.

             I hope you explore the information and check out our blog. I look
             forward to our next session! Feel free to email or drop by -
             Simmee's in 228; I'm located in 239!
             Dr Núñez

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