Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Partnership Worth “Liking” – Facebook and NNEDV

The National Network to End Domestic Violence and Facebook have partnered up in an effort to keep survivors of domestic violence safe when using social media. In many stages of the domestic abuse cycle, using social media can be dangerous to the victim. Things an abuser finds online can cause further abuse, violence and stalking. Once the victim and abuser are no longer together, social media also can still allow an abuser access to the survivor’s life. 

Some say that abusers should simply stop using social media if they are worried about abusers following their activities. However, NNEDV and Facebook feel that this solution is unacceptable and isolating.  Survivors should have the same safety as anyone else when using social media. To help survivors, NNEDV and Facebook have created a guide to Facebook privacy and security settings. They hope that this guide will serve as a valuable resource for survivors who want to continue to connect with individuals who care about them. This guide could also be useful for those who are currently experiencing cyber bullying or other forms of virtual abuse.


If you or anyone you know could benefit from reading this, please share it and help combat domestic violence! 

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