Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More Protection From Ebola for Hospital Staff

Adding to our post from yesterday,  news has been circulating evaluating how hospitals are handling Ebola  and the risks it can pose to staff. Particularly, nurses have began to speak out ever since the Dallas nurse who was recently diagnosed Ebola (After treating the first patient in the U.S. to develop the disease)  was said to have contracted it through a "breach in protocol". Now, many are speaking out about the protocol in their own hospitals to spread awareness and cause change.  The article Ebola–RNs Call for Highest Standards for Protective Equipment, including Hazmat Suits and Training gives insight into what nurses are reporting across the country. It is hopeful as healthcare providers take a stand, both the hospitals and those in policy will work to make the handling of infectious diseases safer for both patients and the workers providing their care. 

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  1. Ebola is emerging disease, we have seen few cases in Pakistan as well. Government should start awareness campaigns of it and facilitate the hospitals