Monday, November 3, 2014

A guide to Cultural Competency for LGBTQ Patients

Cultural competency spans far beyond ideas of just race, ethnicity and cultural practices. One of the areas where additional competency is greatly needed is the field of LGBTQ patient care. Many LGBTQ individuals face unique challenges in the healthcare system including unconscious bias, discrimination, prejudice and altogether rejection. In addition, hetero-normative language and practices can cause patients to feel uncomfortable even before the care process really begins.

In an effort to advise health and social services agencies on best practices, the National LGBT Cancer Network has created a guide for effective competency training.  This can serve as a valuable tool for organizations looking to strengthen their practice and competency with LGBTQ populations. It can also provide useful information for individuals as well. For current and future physicians, being familiar with the practices outlined can help you become a training leader within your work place, and an advocate for better LGBTQ patient care.


Best Practices in LGBTQ Cultural Competency Training 

National LGBT Cancer Network Website 

Kaiser Foundation Policy Brief: Health and Access to Care and Coverage for LGBT individuals in the U.S.


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