Friday, February 21, 2014

Drug Differences in Women & Men

There are many differences between men and women, but when it comes to medicine and research, There are times when there is little investigation past the obvious reproductive organs, with the assumption that everything else is the same. While sex and gender medical research is still fairly new, we are learning more and more that women and men are different in ways we never realized. One very important example drug reactions in the body. Research has shown that women and men's bodies respond to certain drugs in different ways; however there is currently only one drug in the US that recommends women take a different dosage than men. Many studies still choose to use only make test subjects, under the assumption that women and men will have the same reaction to a drug. Even in studies where both men and women are tested, some choose not to compare the findings between the two groups. CBS recently aired a segment called "Sex Matters: Drugs Can Affect Sexes Differently" that talks about the importance of drug differences and explains the problems behind lack of comparison testing and why it can be detrimental to both women and men. It is essential that additional steps are taken towards uncovering more sex and gender differences to provide tailored and useful care to everyone. Take some time to watch this interesting video!

(Video)Sex Matters: Drugs Can Affect Sexes Differently

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