Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Transmisogyny - Creating Awareness

Transmisogyny is a concept less commonly discussed than other types of prejudice and unequal treatment such as sexism, gender bias, homophobia and transphobia. In fact transmisogyny combines all four of these things and looks specifically at the disproportionate hate shown towards transwomen or those on the feminine spectrum of transgender. In the United States, over half of all trans hate crimes are directed towards transwomen. In addition, almost half of all transwomen reporting crimes have also faced maltreatment by law enforcement. They experience higher rates of poverty and homelessness in association with discrimination in the job and housing market. They are also highly profiled and routinely arrested for assumed involvement in illegal activities such as prostitution.

Why is this important? Transmisogyny devalues feminine qualities and marks transwomen as "exotic" or "freaky". It puts a hyper focus on genitalia and the classification of what a person "is" while forgetting who they are on the inside.  And it creates a world where transwomen are  disadvantaged and in danger just for being themselves. 

In 2012, Jenna Talackova
was the first Transgender
woman to participate in
Miss Universe Canada
Transwomen also face issues with access to healthcare, as the U.S. system predominately built on exclusively men's and women's health issues. For healthcare professionals, it is important to make all of your patients feel welcome and accepted, despite personal beliefs. It is also important to know where to find resources when your knowledge on patient issues is limited. For trans patients, your health is more important than the "comfort" of your provider. Make sure to disclose important information with your doctor. If you don't feel good about your current doctor, find a new one! There are many doctors out there who specialize or are notably comfortable with LGBTQ patients.  Make sure that you keep your health your #1 priority and know your rights as a patient. 

We have seen great strides in Trans-visibility in recent years in TV shows, prime time interviews and beauty pageants. At the same time, we are still not past the possibility of transwoman being the victim of a hate crime while just walking down the street. We need to be aware of the issue and spread acceptance instead of hate, so one day we can overlook the "trans" and allow transitioning females to be who they are.

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