Friday, February 14, 2014

Healthy Valentine's Day!

People celebrate Valentine's Day in many different ways, with not all of them being particularly healthy. The "perfect" day often is celebrated with food, candy, alcohol and sometimes too much money. Here are some health tips in addition to those released by the CDC to have a safe and healthy Valentine's Day. 
  • Make Healthy Food Choices - Many people choose to go out for fancy dinners on Valentine's day while being surrounded by treats all day long. If you choose to make valentines a day for splurging on dinner, avoid snacks and candies that are often made appealing by their cute shape. If you are more into the v-day treats, think of healthier alternatives. Instead of buying boxes of chocolate, consider melting chocolate and dipping fruit in it. Little changes can really reduce the calorie load put on the body in one day. 
  • Limit Alcohol consumption and be safe - With valentines day being on a Friday this year, many may go out for drinks. Be sure to always limit your alcohol consumption, never leave drinks unattended and always be in the company of at least one other person (or more depending on the size of your party) who will not be drinking. 
  • Remember Your Mental Health and That of Others - Valentine's Day can also be very stressful and put pressure on people to make the day perfect. If you are exchanging gifts with someone this year, there are various things you can do if you feel that giving gifts is causing stress. Some alternatives are going somewhere special instead, like a day or weekend trip. You can also make fun rules ("who can get the most interesting thing for five dollars?") to encourage creativity and allow you and your partner to loosen up.  On another vein, some people can become sad or depressed if they do not think there is a way to make the day special. Be kind to others, and reach out to friends and family who may be having a difficult time 
In the end Valentine's Day is just another day, make sure to show the one's you love how you feel everyday and not just once a year. Have a great one!


Valentine's Day is also V-day, a day where the organization One Billion Rising for Justice raises awareness about domestic violence. For more information and how to get involved, click here 

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